Monday, 5 August 2013

What makes a woman hot? NaNoBloPo

Today's prompt for NaNoBloPo is What make a woman hot?

Well all I can think of for now is how hot I was on Friday night at a double 40th birthday party I was at.  It was over 30 degrees, no air conditioning and no sign of a cool change as the night heated up.  I was wearing a black outfit and yellow shoes, the Captain thought I looked hot but he is incredibly biased.  There was lots of hotties partying all through the night. It was so hot the next morning I decided to have a nap on the hammock outside because it was just too hot to sleep inside.

Other hot things on my radar this past month have been:

 My friends Ode to Aphrodite facebook page, it's for the wild woman at heart.

The 2011 movie Hysteria that I watched the other night.

A fascinating article or blog post about the wisdom of females, their genitals and the etymology of the terribly misused C word.

This clip about the first female runner in the Boston Marathon

and another clip that has been doing the rounds on facebook recently.

Reclaiming power, facing changes, overcoming challenges all these things are hot, and curry, which happens to be simmering on the stove right now, the Captain is pouring the wine and it smells ready to eat, so ciao for now.


  1. Hi I'm Frances D and I found you through the NaBloPoMo blogroll. Reading your profile left me with my mouth hanging open. You've done all that plus moving to another country and rasing two kids? WOW!! Great take on the prompt. Would have loved to have seen a pic of you in that outfit. Waving at you from Cape Cod, USA

    1. Hi Frances D, I sometimes read my profile with my mouth hanging open too, the two kids are my 'bonus' kids (the modern Danish way of saying Step kids) I say ' two more' because I have had a few other bonus kids in my life - but none of my own... if I did give birth along the way I might consider myself a super-hero, rather than just a girl that demanded a life of adventure and freedom. I'm thinking of doing the same outfit for another party next week, just because the yellow shoes were so comfy to dance in, I'll try and take a photo then. Thanks for popping by and commenting it's always nice to find new bloggers

  2. Great post, Ida. Attention grabber, that's for sure, and love the direction you took this in. Funny.
    That must've been HOT.

  3. Considering 3/4 of the people who watch porn are men, I think the New York production company was definitely doing the average woman a favour when they released it :)


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