Tuesday, 4 April 2017

C is for Crossdance™ #crossdance #atozchallenge

C is for Crossdance™

Crossdance™ is a dance fitness concept created in Denmark that includes cardio, body toning and balance modules all set to popular music from any and all genres or decade.

Apart from bouncing around on a few sticky dance floors in dingy clubs over the years... I've never danced before. Every aerobics class I've ever attended has made me feel awkward. The very few Zumba classes I've attempted left me feeling foolish and uncoordinated, plus I'm not really a fan of Latin music.

As a group fitness instructor I'm always looking for new ways to motivate members and challenge myself. When I received a voucher to do a Crossdance™ instructors course I was hesitant, but also excited.

Set your mind to something and you can do anything, right?  So I learned the concept. Then came the hard part. I had to put together a whole hours training program. So for the last 3 months I played the same songs over and over again. I practiced and practiced for as long as my calves could tolerate it. Gradually my arms and legs began to work together. My body began to move to the rhythm and catch a beat and my ageing brain could even remember the choreography.

Last Monday I held my first hour long class. 14 choreographed songs including an 8 minute long warm up mix. The time flew and we had a lot of fun. I know there are instructors all over the world that do this stuff in their sleep but this has been a Mt Everest feat for me. The best part is there is already a waiting list for next Mondays class and people are asking for more.

The secret to the success of Crossdance™ is the simplicity and repetition of the moves, and the blending of cardio, toning and balance to give an optimal training session, that people of all levels of fitness and co-ordination can participate in.

I hope Crossdance™ makes it to your part of the world.  Here's a sample video with Kirstine the founder and director running a class.


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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Reminds me of Jazzercize that I did for many years till it became too high impact for me.

  2. You've made it to "C" I see.

    No cross dance for me--too much cardio and I couldn't keep up with that without my heart going into overdrive. I should have been doing stuff like this when I was much younger. Looks like a good workout that is actually fun. Beats those rigorous calisthenics workouts we used to have to do in high school gym class.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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