Sunday, 2 April 2017

A is for - Aristotle is no April fool. #atozchallenge

The main road in town is being dug up to have it's pipelines replaced. The surrounding streets have to endure 9 more months of chaotic traffic until the road re-opens. In a country where punctuality is paramount a delay won't be tolerated with patience, so the pressure is on the council and workers to meet the deadline.  

This morning (April 1st) the local mayor announced workers had found the tip of an ancient viking blade and the whole area is an archaeological treasure chest, that will need to be excavated. Experts are flying in from around the world and the road will now be closed for up to 5 years. Which is not hard to believe considering Fyrkat, the remnants of a viking ring castle, is located less than 1km away .

The locals I had spoken to were hopeful it was an April fools joke, but remained unsure until the truth came out later in the day.  Some people were hoping it was true. 

Aristotle gets a mention in my A post today because I came across these 24 quotes from Aristotle this morning.  

There was a few I loved but I'll share the one I thought was wrong at first... 

14.) “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

My initial reaction was No. People with knowledge have done/do evil things and not all ignorant people, bless their souls, are evil.

Then the picture started to emerge, Hitler was ignorant and evil. 

And then my own personal experience made me nod in agreement. All the evil things I have to endure were truly born out of ignorance.  It makes understanding the motives of and forgiving those people a whole lot easier.

Do you have a favourite Aristotle quote? 
What was the best April fools joke you heard this year?

Happy 2017 Challenge


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  1. Not familiar with the Aristotle quote, but I immediately thought of the quote "Ignorance is bliss". I think the nature of the knowledge might have a great deal to do with whether something is good or evil or maybe dependent on what we use our knowledge for. Nuclear bombs came from great knowledge, but I guess there existence can be considered as good as well as evil depending on the circumstances.

    No wonder Aristotle is considered a philosopher--his thoughts still make us think.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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