Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A to Z challenge 2017 Theme Reveal

29th March 2017 - Muscle memory has kicked in and my A to Z challenge cells are demanding action.

My themes always tie in with where I am at the time I first thought of doing a theme. This will be my 5th challenge. The first year I blogged about healing with words. Year number 2 was about the 26 greatest loves of my life. The third year was a bit of blur as I described the journey of being a carer for my mother who died of motor neurone disease (aka ALS.) Last year was an A-Z of my journey starting a new job as a fitness instructor when I was in the worst condition of my entire life.

This year has finally been the year where our ways of eating have become a big focus in our household. We have eaten too much, too often, for no good reason. My immediate thought was wading through an A - Z of diets and healthy eating. The ones we have tried, the ones we think are ridiculous. Why different bodies need different interventions. The contradictions, misconceptions and even a few delicious recipes.

BUT.... all that changed when I saw the A to Z BINGO CHALLENGE post and thought now there is a list packed full of inspiration.

So I've decided to combine food glorious food with some bingo challenge inspiration. I'm giving myself permission to just have fun with the daily challenge of posting something, anything, somewhat creative and a little informative -

So I guess if you happen to be looking for a fasting alien in deep outer space, on a motorcyle with a new pet fossa eating grain free bread, who thinks it's unfair that only humans can be called astronauts  you might find it here this month.

A post that made you cry might be tough for some in the Bingo Challenge, but I have tear jerker from a couple of years ago that I might refurbish ... it would cover the dog image on the bingo card too.

I do kind of wish I could forget April is A-Z month, it feels a bit like cleaning out my wardrobe. A job I always put off but it feels so rewarding to complete.

Happy 2017 A - Z Challenge everyone, looking forward to reading many of your posts.


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