Sunday, 1 May 2016

U V W X Y Z. Alphabet soup vs #atozchallenge

Um... Verified Winner X. Year Zagged.

Let me explain :)

Um  - I don't know what happened to the month.  It feels like New Years Day was yesterday and we are in May already.

I am certainly not a Verified Winner in this years A-Z challenge which is why I get an X (cross = fail)

Year Zagged.  This years challenge took a sharp change in direction, but I'm doing this final post to close things up and would like to thank the people who popped in and commented along the way.

While this years A-Z challenge was more of an alphabet soup for me, I have managed to claim victory in the directions I'm zigging towards.

My weight remains the same but my fat percentage is down.  I created a couple of new body toning and cycling programs that members enjoyed.  I ate well most days and on the days I indulged I didn't over indulge.  We cleaned two rooms in our house so now we have an office/spare room and a fitness/games room.  My greatest victory was finally managing to get windows to work on my mac, for much needed access to a Indoor cycling program available only on windows,  completely legally and free.  That challenge kept me awake many nights over the last month. 

Changes of career are never easy. Despite feeling as if working in a gym is the easiest job I've ever had, it's certainly nothing compared to the stress of an acute surgical or geriatric dementia ward, the challenges have still been many. 

I have never used so much time outside of work hours to complete something as simple as an hour long fitness class.  I'm not even close to looking fit and far from being as fit as a lot of the participants in my classes.  I have to win them over with science, attention to detail and a whole lot of bravado.  That means lots of research and confidence building.  

I do a bit of everything from body sculpting, circuit and indoor cycling group fitness classes, to reception and even cleaning. Simple things like answering the phone in a foreign language has been  a hurdle that I have managed to leap over.

I've had a few moments of self doubt, especially when class numbers are low, but I have gained a few supporters that have said many kind words. I realise that most people don't show up to class again because they would prefer to stay in bed on a rainy day or perhaps even enjoy the outdoors on a sunny day, rather than anything to do with my performance. 

It's no secret we have to prioritise things that are important to us. In this vain I am pleased that working on my fitness has been a higher priority than just writing about it.  I also know that even the hardest of new starts become easier over time so I hope to be back to next years challenge, well settled into my new role with much more time to spare, so I can share my experiences in this blog.

I'll be floating around to check out posts that sign up for the road challenge and who knows, I may even commit to a monthly post between now and next April.

That's all for now.  


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