Wednesday, 6 April 2016

E is for Exercise Equipment. Get fit or die trying. #atozchallenge

Get fit or die trying

E is for exercise equipment.

To save myself from creating a long list of exercise equipment I'll stick to my three recent favourites.

The first is power suspension cables... otherwise known as TRX which is the original brand name, probably better quality but costs a lot to even use the name.

As with most workouts it can be tailored for people with no experience, right up to athletes. This simple piece of equipment can can be attached to a door and used at home or set up to accommodate a group of people in a gym.

The second is resistance bands. They are so versatile and a lot of fun. Perfect for, but not limited to, strengthening your arm and shoulder muscles. They're also a valuable tool for rehabilitation or first timers.  With the right tension, repetitions and movements they can also be a challenging workout for people that are used to training a lot.  

Finally stability balls are my favourite. Even sitting on one will  help to improve your stability because you are forced to engage your core muscles - without too much effort.

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking fitness is only for people with the latest exercise equipment or gym memberships. Refer to my B is for bodyweight exercises post if you are tempted to spend too much money on the latest new ab cruncher fitness fad. 

I once purchased a treadmill that ended up becoming a dust collector... and well used clothes horse. Like many other pieces of exercise equipment it got given to a friend/moved to a garage and forgotten.  I could have saved myself a lot of money and got more use out of a skipping rope, or a proper clothes horse.

On the other hand I met an elderly woman who bought a cheap manual rowing machine in the 1980's and still uses it every morning for 20-30 minutes. She was super healthy and fit. Money well spent. 

Do you have a favourite piece of exercise equipment or are you guilty of buying dust collectors?


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