Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Zenosyne. #atozchallenge Care for the carers.

Two days after her 73rd birthday my Mum took her final breath. She had Alzheimers and Motor neurone disease. For her final 3 months I was her main carer. A privilege I am grateful for and will cherish forever. This years #atozchallenge theme will focus on being a carer / care-giver.

Remember to care for the carers.  


Zenosyne: A sense that time keeps going faster.
Etymology: From Greek, Zeno is derived from Zeno's Paradox, which asks how a person can walk from one point to another if they must first carry out a series of ever-shrinking steps, + Mnemosyne, the personification of memory in Ancient Greek mythology. How can we live our lives while each passing year feels shorter than the year before? 

 It's a made up word by John Koenig over at Dictionary of obscure sorrows here's the Facebook page. 

I found him when the article "23 Perfect Words For Emotions You Never Realised Anyone Else Felt," appeared in my Facebook newsfeed yesterday.

The best example I have for zenosyne is that the 2015 A to Z challenge seemed to fly by much faster than my first two. 

I can remember them both in a blink of an eye, this year's theme about my Mum will be with me for a while.

Soon my time with her will feel like a fleeting moment.  

At times when everything was an effort she would often say 'It's terrible to get old." I'd always reply 'There's only one thing worse... and that's if you'd never got old at all." 


If you have followed along and commented thank you for keeping me motivated. My stats show that many more people have read my blog this month, I hope you enjoyed my words and thank you too. 


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  1. Interesting posts Ida. I have enjoyed your theme and congratulations on completing the Challenge this year.

  2. I think that's the first time I've heard the word, but I am familiar with the concept. Congratulations on finishing the challenge!

  3. Hi Ida - well done .. Zenosyne .. we are all experiencing this .. but I like the phrase life is short, life is long --- but not in that order ... So sad to think that 'my life with her will be like a fleeting moment' ... so true ...

    Congratulations on doing the A-Z and for remembering your mother and her journey with us ... and being able to move country and back home in the middle - take care and enjoy the Danish life now ... Hilary


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